How to Fax

How to fax made simple. Fax machines are old news. The lines become busy and if you get a fax you don’t know unless you hear the machine printing or if you look at it. The new, best way to fax is by using internet faxing. What to know how to fax using internet faxing? its simple, just follow the below steps.

There are a lot of internet faxing companies out there and they are all pretty similar with the way that you fax. You can send a fax through there web site. They are also very easy so anyone can learn how to fax online.

How to fax:

  1. Upload your Fax to your computer
  2. Log in to your account with your internet faxing company
  3. Click on the send a fax option with the internet faxing company
  4. Upload the doc, choose a number, and choose to have a cover sheet or not

Problems sending the Fax?

Don’t have a internet faxing account? Compare internet faxing services to find one for you

If the fax didn’t go through, try calling the number and see if you can hear the fax noises or not. If not contact the person that you are trying to fax. They might not have their fax machine on.

Don’t have an internet faxing account? How about trying a free internet faxing trial. You can sign up and try internet faxing without paying and you can cancel anytime you want with no cancellation fees! If you are thinking about internet faxing you should see how to pick an internet faxing company. That way you can learn how to fax by trying.

How to Fax and Save Money

The obvious cost saving is that you do not need to pay for a phone line from your phone company. The savings compared for a $10 fax service to up to $50 or more or a business/second line is a no-brainer. Not needing paper and toner cost for the fax machine is another savings since you are deciding which faxes you print.

There are numerous savings when you think about time not wasted tracking down a fax and being able to send/receive a fax from anywhere you have an Internet connection. Internet faxing is a “green” technology that is a simple and inexpensive way to start being a paperless office. The savings on paper alone could sometimes make up for the cost of the service.

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The more popular internet fax companies are Nextiva, eFax, MyFax, and RingCenral. All of these internet fax services have plans to send or receive hundreds of faxes, your own number, and useful features like apps for on the go faxing.

If you are looking to fax outside the US check out how to fax internationally from the US. Or you can skip right to the step of looking up international faxing country codes.

How to Choose an Internet Fax Service

You subscribe to a monthly fax service from an Internet fax provider. There are many providers available and most provide similar services and functionality. The most common factors to choose a fax provider is price, number of pages for sending and receiving, type of fax number (local or toll-free) and customer service. Check out a list of fax companies and their features so you can compare internet faxing companies.

Many companies offer monthly and yearly subscription plans. The common price point when comparing fax companies is around $10 a month. The subscription fee includes the fax number, an online account, and the ability to send and receive faxes. The biggest difference is the number of pages included in the monthly fee and the cost for overage.

There are a few fax providers that offer features other than just faxing like voicemail (Myfax, RingcentraleFax), virtual phone system (Ringcentral and Myfax) or online document management and storage.

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How to Receive a Fax

A fax number is assigned to you when an online fax account is created. The number can be given out to your customers just as any fax number. A document faxed to your personal fax number is delivered to your email. The fax is an attachment typically in a pdf file format. Opening the attachment will display the fax and allow you to view, print and save the fax. You can have the fax delivery to more than one email address. A fax is delivered to all email addresses that you list in the fax account.

Most fax service providers are offering an online inbox which stores a copy of the incoming fax. The length of time the fax is stored varies from 30 days to one year.

This is a secure process and you can send and receive confidential faxes.

How to Send a Fax

You can send a fax using your email or the web interface. The thing to remember is that the document to fax must be on your computer. If you have a paper document , you must scan it first and save it on your computer.

More companies are offering an optional sofware that you can download called a printer driver. A printer driver allows you to print to fax a document that you have opened on your computer. The installed printer driver software lists the fax provider in your list of printers. When selected, a window is displayed where you can create the fax. The printer driver software will send the fax to the fax provider in the background.

Another method to sending a fax is by e-mail. How to fax by email is simple. Some companies have a software plugin so that faxing is an opt ion in Microsoft out look e-mail. The plug-in is similar to a printer driver but for e-mail. You don’t need a plug-in to send a fax using e-mail and you can send from any e-mail program. Companies limit the number of attachments or the total file size. Usually it is less than 9 attachments.

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