Fax cover sheets are not always needed but are a great idea. They are the best way to show who you are to whomever you are faxing. A fax cover sheet usually contains the following:

  • You or Your Company’s name and contact info
  • Who you are sending the fax to
  • The date
  • How many pages are included
  • A notes section to add any information you might need to say

Send by eFax with Custimizable Cover Sheet

It is always a good idea to fill out as much information as possible. Put the company you are sending it to and who is the company (do this in the Attn. section). The more informative you are on the fax cover sheet the easier it will be for whoever receives the fax.

When to use a Fax Cover Sheet

You don’t always need to use a fax cover sheet. I would recommend it every time you send a fax. It is very helpful to the person receiving the fax. Again the more information on the fax cover sheet the easier it is for the person receiving the fax.

I would say, to be safe, always use a fax cover sheet. It is not too bad if you don’t, but it is very easy to send a fax using a fax cover sheet. You should always use a fax cover sheet if you are faxing a confidential fax.

If you are using an internet fax company you can use the fax cover sheet that they provide for you, use your own, or choose not to use one.

Download a Generic Fax Cover Sheet Template

Generic Fax Cover Sheet

This generic fax cover sheet is a word doc. It includes a place to put your address, logo, and all the information you will need when you are faxing. This is best when designing a fax cover sheet that you will use over and over.


Download our Generic Fax Cover Sheet as a PDF to write on it before you fax. This is the best for one time faxing or to do something very quick.

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