How to Send an International Fax

How to fax to an International Number is just like making an international call from the US or Canada to a country outside of north america. You need to enter 011 to be able to dial an international fax number, followed by the country code and phone number.  Countries that do not require that you dial 011 are all countries in North America, including the carribean islands (Cuba not included), Canada and the US.

For example; calling to London is 011-44-20-xxxxxxx. 011 accesses international, 44 is the country code, 20 is the city code for London followed by the phone number. Many times the recipient will list the city code and phone number as the complete number so there would be no need to repeat the city code. Find a list of international faxing country codes.

  1. Find the Country Code
  2. Enter the international access (011)
  3. Enter the country code
  4. Enter the fax number

With most internet faxing companies you can fax internationally. If you are looking for the best way to fax internationally  you should try internet faxing.  Internet faxing allows you to fax as if you were sending an email.  Try an internet faxing company for free to see if you like it, if not you can cancel for free at anytime.
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Problems Sending an International Fax

If you are having problems sending an international fax, there is a few different things you can check. The first is that you have the correct country code. If you have the country code right then make sure you have the city code, (this is like an area code in the US). If you think the number is right you can make sure it is connected to a fax. Try calling the number you were given. If it comes up with a fax dial tone it should work to send a fax. If it just rings or is answered by someone a fax cannot go through.

If the fax isn’t going through and you try calling the number and it has the fax dial tone and you are sure the number is correct, your fax may not be working right. You can try sending a test fax to someone close or even sign up for a free faxing account and send a fax to yourself.

How to Send a Free International Fax

There are very few free fax services and even less that allow you to send a fax outside of the US and Canada.  If you are looking to send a single page fax with a coverpage you can use will allow you to send up to 2 faxes a day to over 50 countries. The upload file size is limited but will allow a single page, maybe two pages and a coversheet.

Using a free service is not the most reliable service to count on for a professional company. But if you need to send a few pages internationally – works.

If you are looking to send more than one or two pages you should look into getting signed up with an internet faxing company. You can fax internationally or domestically with most internet faxing companies. You don’t have to sign a contract so you can cancel anytime. Internet faxing is by far the best and cheapest way to fax internationally. One of the best internet faxing companies to use to fax internationally is RingCentral. There many more out there, so go compare internet faxing companies and find the best for you and your international faxing needs.

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