To fax internationally from the US to Japan you will need to follow three simple steps. The steps should be the same whether you use a fax machine or internet fax company.

  1. Enter the international access (011)
  2. Enter the country code for Japan- (81)
  3. Enter the fax number and send

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For example; When sending an international fax to Japan you would dial 011-81-xxxxxxx. 011 accesses international, 81 is the country code followed by the phone number. Many times the recipient will list the city code and phone number as the complete number so there would be no need to repeat the city code. Faxing somewhere besides Japan? Find a list of international faxing country codes.

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Having Trouble Sending the Fax?

The best way to make sure the fax number you are trying is correct is dial the number on your phone. Do this by following the same steps as above, calling the exact same number you would if you were faxing. You should hear the faxing tone beeping on the other end. If you do then it should work, if not there is something wrong with the fax on there end. Contact whoever you are faxing and let them know.

NOTE: You will make a long distance call, so be prepared for that charge on the phone you use. It should be very cheap because the call shouldn’t take longer than 30 seconds.

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