Below are a few of the most common countries’ international fax codes to use when faxing from the US to another county. If the country is not listed, here is a complete list of international fax codes.

To fax internationally from the US you will need to follow a few simple steps. The steps should be the same whether you use a fax machine or internet fax company.

  1. Enter the international access (011)
  2. Enter the country code – see international fax codes
  3. Enter the City code (similar to an area code)
  4. Enter the fax number and send

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For example; When sending an international fax to Australia you would dial 011-61-xxxxxxx. 011 accesses international, 61 is the country code followed by the phone number. Many times the recipient will list the city code and phone number as the complete number so there would be no need to repeat the city code.

Faxing somewhere besides Austrilia? Find a list of international faxing country codes.



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