Internet fax can be secure. You do not worry that your faxes are sit ting on a fax machine somewhere for anyone to see. The fax is delivered to you and is private and confidential. Fax providers offer different security levels to send and receive faxes. All providers offer a secure web interface that use SSL 128 bit encryption where you can send and receive faxes. Receiving faxes in your e-mail is not considered secure but most companies, not all companies have additional security that you can configure or install without anadditional cost to receive faxes securely in your email.

Sending a fax is secure when sent using the web interface. Some companies offer a secure method to senda fax by e-mail but you have to install an e-mail security certificate which is free and easy to setup.Concerns to comply with privacy regulat ions such as HIPPA are addressed by the most fax providers such aseFax, TrustFax, Myfax and Ringcent ral among others.

Free internet faxing is just as secure as normal faxing or using an internet faxing company. So whether you paid or are faxing for free you can feel safe.

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