Free Internet faxing is more of a one-time fax send and not a free monthly service. You do not signup for a monthly service, rather you go to a web site and enter your personal information and email. Some of the free services will send you a reply email that has a link to a web page and others let you continue to the fax send page.

Fax for Free for 30 days

Free fax services are good for an occasional fax if you do not mind the limitations like file upload size, domestic sending only and advertisements on the fax.

Free fax services are for sending a fax. You are not able to receive a fax.

The free fax service will typically email you an offer to register for a fax account with fax provider to get a fax number so that you can send and receive faxes.

Most free fax services come and go. It is best to search the Internet for the keywords “free fax.” Many of the results will display subscription fee based service that offer a free trial so you will have to search through the results for a real free fax service.

FreeFaxButton is free fax service that will allow you to send an international fax for free to 50 countries. Limit 2 per day. File size is limited.You are able to fax about 1 page and a coversheet.

Try it now Free

Free for 30 days – 500 pages incoming and outgoing.
Free for 30 days – 130 incoming pages and 30 outgoing pages.
Free for 30 days – 200 incoming pages and 100 outgoing pages
30 days  free when you sign up for a month – 1000 incoming and outgoing pages
30 days free – 500 incoming and outgoing pages

Try these out.  There is no hassle because it is very easy to cancel them.  Just make sure you understand that most of these services will automatically charge your card after the trial period is up.  So make sure you read everything about the free trial when signing up.

Compare Nextiva | Compare RingCentral | Compare MyFax | Compare eFax
Compare faxing providers to make sure you get the best one.

Try a free trial, if you like it keep it and use it.

Send 1 Free fax

There are many different companies that offer free faxing.  They come and go.  Your best bet, if you are going to send faxes regulally, is to sign up for a free trial with a fax provider that costs monthly.  Try it and go to something different if you don’t like it.

If you are looking to send one or two pages now and not again soon try one of these:

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