When you look through internet faxing providers you should have an idea of what is a good deal. We have come up with some standards for what an internet faxing company should offer – it is our internet faxing base. You may wan to look past some of the these for different features. For example, eFax costs more but they have some of the best faxing features so they can cost more. Here is our list of what to look for in an internet faxing company:

  • Price – $10
  • Incoming and outgoing pages – 500
  • Extra pages – 4.9 cents
  • Free trials – 30 day
  • Fees – none

Internet Faxing Features

When choosing an internet fax company there are a few things you should really look for to help you make your decision. We have listed below, what we feel are the most important features:

Number of incoming/outgoing pages – This is important because if you go over the set number of pages in your plan, you will be spending more for each page. So estimate how many faxes you think you will send and how many you will receive in a month.

How much each extra page costs – If you go over your set amount of pages for the month you will have to pay for each page you go over, kind of like cell phone minutes. Calculate if it is worth staying with a plan and pay for each extra page over or if it would be less expensive to upgrade to a plan with more pages.

Free Trial – Most companies offer a 30 day free trial. Find a plan like this to save you money the first month. This will give you time to find out if you like the service.

Number of emails that can use the account – Each plan gives you a set number of email addresses that can use the plan. If you have the need for more than one email or multiple emails to use this fax number it is good to know your limit.

Ability to change plan – Things come up. It is good to know whether or not you may upgrade or downgrade when needed or even if you can cancel without any problems.

Customer support/online help guide – If you need help it is good to have a company that offers ways to get it at the hours when you will need it most or at least one that offers an online guide to help you with questions you might have.

Check out compareTHATfax.com to see a side-by-side comparison of top internet fax providers.

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