A fax number assigned to you is typically regarded as the property of the fax provider. You are paying for a service and not buying a number. Most fax providers will not allow you to take the fax number if you leave their service. You need to check the provider’s User Agreement to see if you can take a number with you. MyFax is a provider that will allow you to take a number with you if you leave the service.  eFax typically will not allow you to take a number if you leave their service.

You can port (transfer) a local area code fax number that you control through a phone company to a fax service provider. The fax provider will usually charge you a $6 – $30 fee to port your fax number.  Be sure to ask them to waive the port charge. Most fax providers want your business and will waive the fee when porting a local number.

Porting a land line fax number takes 6 to 14 days depending upon your current phone company. You will be require to sign a letter of authorization which will allow the fax provider to port the number on your behalf.

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It is important that you are able to retain control over the number when you port it. Be sure to get in writing that you are able to port away a number if you leave the provider. Most providers will not prevent you from porting the number away from them, but it is a good idea to make sure that you can control the number.

Porting a toll-free number is a longer process and can take about 30 days and many fax providers will not waive the fee. As is the case with porting any number, be sure that you can take the number with you if you leave their service.

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