Fax providers have free trial accounts. Trials differ for each company from the number of pages offered, number of days prior to automatically starting the subscription or faxes sent with a watermark.

Use the trial period to evaluate the service and don’t judge the company by the type of free trial account. There are excellent companies that offer limited trial accounts. We suggest that you sign up for a trial account with a couple of fax providers to see which service fits you. Cancelling a trial is usually a simple online process or sending an email.

If you are looking to try out internet faxing, and we think you should, sing up for a free trial. You can compare internet faxing companies to make sure you get one you will like and then just try it.

Here are some free trials to sign up for and try:
  • Nextiva – 500 incoming and outgoing pages free
  • eFax – 150 incoming pages free and 150 outgoing pages free
  • MyFax – 200 incoming pages free and 100 outgoing pages free
  • RingCentral – 500 incoming and outgoing pages free

You can pick one and try it or sign up for all and cancel the ones you don’t like. When it is a free trial that you can cancel at anytime you are not stuck with one ever.

Compare Nextiva | Compare RingCentral | Compare MyFax | Compare eFax

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